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Established in 2009, Nourish is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization serving Sheboygan County

Corporate Tours

Nourish offers hands on team building experiences that are engaging and fun!

Farm to Table Tours

In this team-led project management experience, teams start at a local Nourish partner farm where they learn about sustainable agriculture while harvesting vegetables for the evening’s dinner. Next the team follows their Nourish tour guide to a local shelter where, with the help of a volunteer chef, a dinner is prepared and shared with the homeless. This program can be tailored to your needs as either a full day or half day experience. The full day option is done in partnership with the Experiential Learning Center in Kohler, WI.

Farm to School

Start on a local Nourish partner farm at noon, where your team will learn about sustainable agriculture, and help with light farm work and harvesting vegetables for the afternoon snack for the school kids. After the farm you follow your Nourish Tour Guide to the elementary school, where the team prepares the snack and develops a few fun facts about the vegetables to share with the kids as they enjoy their healthy snack. Program finishes by 4PM.

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