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Established in 2009, Nourish is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization serving Sheboygan County

Our Vision

To help create a healthy community through food security.

Our Mission

By providing equitable access to hands-on education and connections to local, sustainable food systems, Nourish empowers the community to make wholesome food choices.

Nourish Board of Directors: President & Founder: Carol Christensen; Treasurer: Tandra Sbrocco, Secretary: Barb Dodge; Members: Stephanie Dlugopolski, Craig Harms, Steve Mech, Brian Schwaller, Judi Smith

Note from the Founder

Dear Nourish Supporter

We've come a long way since starting Nourish at my kitchen table with $500 and the "great recession" taking its toll on our community. The growth of Nourish has been a blessing disguised as a farm to table adventure. I've learned so much from the kids who greet us with a broad smile and strong hug despite the nag of an empty stomach and the homeless who tell tales of better days and work toward a brighter future. These are the lives of a significant portion of Sheboygan County...every other child in Sheboygan is at risk for hunger and our shelters are full. Still, thanks to you, good food from our local farm community is served and hope restored. Together we can nourish our community body and soul.

Bless you all,

Carol Christensen
Nourish Farm-to-Family Philanthropy
Carol Christensen

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